Haven’t lost

Anything but I’m feeling better. I’m going to continue walking at least 5 miles every other day. My ultimate goal would be to do 5 every day and generally that is the case. I took today off and only got in a .67 mile walk with my daughter this morning. 

I’m not losing sight of my goals. I have a lot to accomplish on the horizon. I can see that things are really shaping up with the business. 

Blessed desk

Today during my walk I was blessed with this desk. Not only that but while pushing it home a nice guy at a moving company let me borrow a hand truck to get it home without ruining it. 

I’m very thankful for everything. This will help with my business and give me a proper place to work. 
Now time to get to business!

New Journey

Today I’m starting a new journey. I’ve been overweight for years now and today I’ve decided to make a change. I’m currently at 275lbs. My goal is to lose 75lbs By Dec this year.

I’m currently walking 3 miles a day and eating far less to achieve this goal.

Check back for more updates as I’ll be tracking my progress on this Blog.

Thanks for stopping by!